Amino Acids

Personalized Amino Acid Therapy

Amino acid therapy is a term used to describe the use of supplemental amino acids to help balance brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) and other aspects of the physiology. For this type of treatment to be most effective, it should include a specialized urinalysis test which provides a reliable means of measuring excretory values for neurotransmitters. From these findings an individualized amino acid supplementation is devised to improve the quantity and ratios of neurotransmitters in the brain.

How to Determine the Right Protocol for You

The first step is to identify where your neurotransmitter levels are now. This is where the Neurogistics Brain Wellness Program starts. The components include:

  • A simple in-home urine lab test for a specialized neurotransmitter analysis

  • A personalized Brain Wellness Report containing everything you need to know to get started and progress with your program

  • Neurogistics' highly targeted amino acid supplements formulated expressly for The Neurogistics Brain Wellness Program