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Children’s Comprehensive Wellness Program

1 Standard Test Kit
Urine, stool and finger-stick blood tests that measure important biomarkers related to brain and gut health. Not available in New York.

The Children's Comprehensive Wellness Package is offered to parents whose children are in the Children's Program with Neurogistics.  We have compiled a package of our most commonly tested and relavent panels for the children we work with.  We know the more data points that we have, the better the picture of your child's health will be revealed.  An optimal protocol from the beginning is helpful for parents.  Not all testing has to be completed at once since many times we need some brain health first, however you will have all testing kits available to you and the therapeutic services available instantly.  Three parent education/coaching sessions are included in this package at no additional charge. 

The Children's Comprehensive Wellness Package includes:

• A NeuroFocus test for neurotransmitters (urine test).

• A Gut Health panel to test for intestinal flora, microscopic organisms and a total of 15 important biomarkers to assess gastrointestinal health (stool and saliva test).

• A 90 Food Sensitivities panel to test for IgG reactivity to 90 common foods.

• 15-25 minute intake assessment with our therapist, Emily Roberts, MA, LPC.

• 1 hour consultation with a Children's Program clinician to review your child's results.