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Children's Brain Wellness Program

1 Standard Test Kit
Urine test that measures excretion values for important neurotransmitters with therapeutic and clinical consultations. Not available in New York.

The Neurogistics® Children's Brain Wellness Program includes:


The Neurogistics® Children's Brain Wellness Program Retest  includes: 

  • A Neurotransmitter Laboratory Test Kit: A simple urine test which contains everything you need to take your sample in the privacy of your home. Laboratory fees, shipping /handling and Free FedEx return postage are all included. 
  • An analysis of the follow up assessment form by our child therapist. 
  • A Personal Neurotransmitter Appointment- 1/2 hour phone or office consult with our Children's Program Clinician.  
  • A Neurogistics® Brain Wellness Report including your customized protocol for your child.