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NoxyPure Therapeutic Nanobubbles

5 treatments
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NoxyPure represents a breakthrough in localized transcutaneous oxygen delivery to improve cells and tissue health. NoxyPure is totally safe and has no reported side effects, unlike other nerve pain treatment or other methods aiming at increasing cell oxygenation, such as infusion, injection, or hyperbaric procedures. Introductory Offer - First order special! Regular Price $90 for (3) treatments.

Nanobubble technology is a convenient therapy that helps to immediately increase your tissues local oxygen concentration. Simply put your foot inside a transparent bootie that is partially filled with our nanobubbled gel, leave it on for 20-30 minutes, pull out foot, wipe clean and the treatment is finished. Relief is often observed after the first treatment, but may take 2-3 treatments for significant improvement. When first using NoxyPure a treatment is performed once a day for the first 3 days then repeated every other day for 10 more days (total of 8 treatments) to get several weeks of relief. When symptoms resurface (usually after 4-6 weeks) follow-up treatments require just 5 applications, with one treatment being done every other day, over 10 days.