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Neurogistics provides personalized Wellness Programs, created by experienced clinicians, to provide natural balance and well-being. We created Neurogistics with the idea that every person deserves not only an understanding of their health, but also an effective solution customized to their unique needs.  We believe that this journey begins with clinical testing and research based, all-natural supplementation catered to each individual's needs.

With a growing practitioner base supporting many areas of personal health, Neurogistics expanded our platform and clinical knowledge base to include not only Brain Wellness, but also Gastrointestinal Health, Hormone Health and Foundational Health. We provide a nuanced view and solution to personal healthcare. We deliver quantifiable results and personalized wellness solutions using custom, professional-grade supplement blends and lifestyle recommendations in an easy to understand Wellness Report.  

Our at-home test kit offering includes: 

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     Neuro Focus  7 Neurotransmitters Urine
     Neuro HPA Focus 7 Neurotransmitters, Cortisol x 6, DHEA x 3     Urine, Saliva
     HPA Stress Cortisol x 6, DHEA x 3 Saliva
     Thyroid TSH, fT3, fT4 Blood
     Testosterone in Men           Free Testosterone Saliva
     Metabolism TSH, Cortisol, Free Testosterone Saliva, Blood
     Vitamin D 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Blood
     HbA1c 3-Month Marker for Blood Sugar Health Blood
     Food Sensitivitiees 22, 44, 90 and 180 Common Foods Blood
     GI Health Panels  Coming Soon!!  


Now available!  Custom Daily Protocol Packs: 

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Improve Compliance in Your Practice Like Never Before

  • 28-Day Supply
  • Dosed to individual's protcol for safety and convenience
  • Personalized to each individual
  • Dose Schedule Detailed on Each Pack
  • Pack contents detailed on Each Pack
  • 5 possible dosing points (breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Afternoon & Bedtime
  • Incremental Dosing to Improve Tolerance


With a team of experienced clinicians, partnerships with state-of-the-art laboratories and a braod array of pharmaceutical-grade supplements, our services have been incorporated into the practice of over 1,000 practitioners.  How can we serve your practice?

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