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Children's Program

The Neurogistics® Children's Program Specializes in:

    • Domestic & International Adoptees
    • ADD/ADHD
    • At-Risk Children
    • Depression & Anxiety
    • Mood Issues
    • Attachment Issues
    • Impulsive and Aggressive Behaviors
    • Unprovoked Meltdowns
    • Irritability
    • Night terrors
    • Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep
    • Sensory integration issues
    • Focus and concentration
    • Hyper-vigilance & compulsive behaviors 


Why Balance?

Even with the best intentions, due to his or her brain chemistry (neurotransmitter make-up), some children will not be able to change their behavior. It simply may be beyond their capacity. But with a BALANCED brain and BALANCED neurotransmitters we see remarkable results with:

  •  Attachment: Children begin attaching more with their parents.
  •  Stress: Their ability to handle situations that previously caused distress improves.
  •  Focus: Attention improves and children excel academically.
  •  Behavior: Mood issues, meltdowns, and other emotional dysregulation and behavior problems subside.
  •  Sleep: Sleep improves and difficulties with falling and staying asleep decrease.

The old idea that we are all wired differently is actually true when it comes to the brain. Genetics, early childhood experiences, stress, traumas, nutrition, neglect, and abuse, all play a part in the body's neurotransmitter make-up.

There are two types of neurotransmitters:

  • Excitatory: such as epinephrine, which function for drive and energy.
  • Inhibitory: such as serotonin, which function for calm and well-being.

How to balance:

The first step in balancing your child’s brain is testing. Neurogistics provides an easy-to-use in-home testing kit for this. The laboratory results will be sent from the laboratory to Neurogistics and your child’s comprehensive Neurogistics Brain Wellness Report will be created.

The online personalized Brain Wellness Report includes: 

  • Your child’s laboratory results and interpretation by Neurogistics’ certified clinicians
  • Specific recommendations for supplements and amino acids with easy to follow instructions explaining when and how your child should take them.
  • Parent coaching and recommendations
  • Neurotransmitter information and helpful lifestyle and dietary recommendations to enhance the effects of your child’s program

Supplements and amino acids that are recommended based on your child’s Brain Wellness Report are available through the Neurogistics online secure shopping cart. They average between $70.00 and $140.00 per month.

The Neurogistics Children's Brain Wellness Program is $335.00 and includes:

  • A Neurotransmitter Laboratory Test Kit: A simple urine test that contains everything you need to take your child’s sample in the privacy of your home.  Laboratory fees, shipping /handling and return postage (domestic only) are all included.
  • A Personal Intake Appointment: A half-hour phone consultation with our children’s clinical assessment specialist Emily Roberts MA, LPC.
  • A Neurogistics Brain Wellness Report: including your child's customized protocol.
  • An Additional Half-Hour Consultation: with a Children's Program clinician.

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