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Neurogistics Children's Program is a private practice offering. If you were referred by a Practitioner, please return to the previous page and click on 'I was referred by a Practitioner'. 

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 The Neurogistics® Children's Program Specializes in:


What is the Neurogistics Children's Program?

The Neurogistics® Children's Brain Wellness Program was developed to help individuals and families. It is a division of Neurogistics, a company founded by Pam Machemehl Helmly, CN, to help make neurotransmitter testing available to individuals who are looking for a simple, all- natural approach to brain chemistry balancing. It takes complex science to support healthy neurotransmitter levels,  and you need a comprehensive system to be successful.  Neurogistics makes it easy and convenient.  This is an affordable, time-tested and highly effective program with a clinically verifiable track record, which has helped thousands of people over the past ten years. It is scientifically based so you can depend on the results and it's easy to do. 

Neurogistics products are all-natural, safe supplements with no side effects, and do not interfere with most medications. With our ongoing support, you receive the help you need every step of the way so that your child can progress and continue to feel better and better. We also offer consults with our specialists in psycho -education neurotransmitter balancing. These are tailored to your child's needs and provide additional support. 

Why Balance?

Even with the best intentions, due to his or her brain chemistry (neurotransmitter make-up), some children will not be able to change their behavior. It simply may be beyond their capacity. But with a BALANCED brain and BALANCED neurotransmitters we see remarkable results with:

  •  Attachment: Children begin attaching more with their parents.
  •  Stress: Their ability to handle situations that previously caused distress improves.
  •  Focus: Attention improves and children excel academically.
  •  Behavior: Mood issues, meltdowns, and other emotional dysregulation and behavior problems subside.
  •  Sleep: Sleep improves and difficulties with falling and staying asleep decrease.

The old idea that we are all wired differently is actually true when it comes to the brain. Genetics, early childhood experiences, stress, traumas, nutrition, neglect, and abuse, all play a part in the body's neurotransmitter make-up.

There are two types of neurotransmitters:

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  • Excitatory: such as epinephrine, which function for drive and energy.
  • Inhibitory: such as serotonin, which function for calm and well-being.

How to balance:

The first step in balancing your child’s brain is testing. Neurogistics provides an easy-to-use in-home testing kit for this. The laboratory results will be sent from the laboratory to Neurogistics and your child’s comprehensive Neurogistics Brain Wellness Report will be created.

The online personalized Brain Wellness Report includes: 

  • Your child’s laboratory results and interpretation by Neurogistics’ certified clinicians
  • Specific recommendations for supplements and amino acids with easy to follow instructions explaining when and how your child should take them.
  • Parent coaching and recommendations
  • Neurotransmitter information and helpful lifestyle and dietary recommendations to enhance the effects of your child’s program

Supplements and amino acids that are recommended based on your child’s Brain Wellness Report are available through the Neurogistics online secure shopping cart. They average between $70.00 and $140.00 per month.

The Neurogistics Children's Brain Wellness Program includes:

  • A Neurotransmitter Laboratory Test Kit: A simple urine test that contains everything you need to take your child’s sample in the privacy of your home.  Laboratory fees, shipping /handling and return postage (domestic only) are all included.
  • A Personal Intake Appointment: A half-hour phone consultation with our children’s clinical assessment specialist Emily Roberts MA, LPC.
  • A Neurogistics Brain Wellness Report: including your child's customized protocol.
  • An Additional Half-Hour Consultation: with a Children's Program clinician.

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 Samples not permitted from residents of New York. 

Pam Machemehl Helmly       Emily Roberts, MA, LPC
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"His focus has increased immensely. He can do school work so much better now... This has also improved his self-esteem; he seems much happier." 

~ Mother of an 11-year-old International Adoptee with a history of severe trauma. 

"Just wanted you to know that your supplement protocol has been life changing for our 5-year-old daughter from Russia. She is a joy to be around and is joyful in life now. 

We adopted our daughter when she was 17 months of age. We were proactive with speech and physical therapy to address delays and sensory issues. She responded well, but continued to be very high anxiety. At age four, she began nightly meltdowns, which lasted an hour or so and continued for over a year. We tried play therapy and occupational therapy to address what we thought could be combined sensory and abandonment issues. 

We then tested her neurotransmitters through Neurogistics, Inc. and realized her levels were completely out of balance. We have been using the protocol for six months with amazing results. The meltdowns ended and she began to embrace life. Her Pre-K teacher, dance teacher, and therapist noticed greatly reduced anxiety after two weeks. Within a month, her auditory sensitivity subsided and she met her occupational therapy goals. She relaxed and made new friends at pre-K. She is now a happy, thriving 5 year old. Thanks so much again." 

~ S.M. Austin Texas  

"My son was diagnosed with ADHD at barely age 6 and started taking Concerta. It helped for awhile but after we had to increase the dosage to keep the same effectiveness in the day, the side affects were very hard on the family. He couldn’t go to sleep until after 10 every night, and he was often extremely angry and aggressive at bedtime. We phased in the amino acid supplements and after a few months went off of the Concerta. We didn’t know that the Concerta had so suppressed his appetite until he started eating four meals a day without it! It was great to see him gain weight and grow! (Naturally, that has tapered off.)

I feel so much better knowing that I am doing everything possible to help him without using the drugs. He is doing well in school and still has things to work on, but we are truly treating the CAUSE of his issues instead of the SYMPTOMS. Our whole family was tested and started taking the supplements also. I knew I was run down, but thought I just needed to keep going. Seeing the neurotransmitter levels for what they actually were was a wake-up call to take care of myself. I feel so much better and every time I consult with Pam I learn new things and she helps me by tweaking the supplements and doses for what I need. I have much more energy and can cope better with the stresses of the day." 

~ J.H., Austin TX 

"He has really calmed down and is now able to be back in his regular classroom.  He has become more social and is able to engage appropriately with others.  This has really helped him academically and personally.  My whole family has noticed a positive change in him."  

~ Mother of an 11-year-old with Oppositional Defiant Disorder 

"Just a quick note to tell you how appreciative my family is with the assistance and guidance you’ve given us on helping normalize my children’s brain chemicals. We are doing so much better since we started your program 9 months ago. As you recall, my two adopted children (ages 7 and 8 ) have really struggled behaviorally, emotionally, developmentally. While we still are dealing with some issues, they are so much more adjusted using the neurotransmitter supports you have prescribed. Now that we know that their brain chemicals are more normalized, we can address their issues, better knowing it is not a chemical imbalance. Thank you for your compassion for the children, your expertise and the professionalism of your staff. 

You are a God-send to us,"

 ~ The H. Family, Dallas, TX 

"This has been the best thing that has ever happened to us. The stress level has greatly reduced. I have turned many people on to Pam and this program. I credit Pam for helping to save my family. My prayers were answered."

~ L, N and G., Austin, TX


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