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Now Available to Neurogistics Clients:

Neurotransmitter testing is a valuable asset in improving one's health.  However, sometimes there are other components that need to be evaluated to reach optimal balance.  The following options are now available in addition to, or separate from neurotransmitter testing. 

ALCAT Food & Chemical Sensitivity Test  $280.00

Food allergies and sensitivities are very common and lead to multiple health problems.  Symptoms may include allergy-like symptoms (runny nose, chronic sinus or ear infections especially in children), chronic pain, frequent headaches/migraines, chronic fatigue syndromes, depression, insomnia, and many more.  By identifying the food and or chemical and eliminating it for six months, patients are able to improve and often reverse chronic illness.  The ALCAT test includes 70 items total (50 Foods, 10 Food Additives, 10 Food Colorings).  This panel is commonly used when food allergies or sensitivities may be suspected (elevated urinary histamine).  Once the results are back, you will receive a 25 minute consultation with a Clinical Nutritionist to discuss your results. 

Diagnostechs GI-2 Gut Dysbiosis Test   $345.00

DTI (Diagnostechs, Inc.) GI-2 panel is one of the most comprehensive yet non-invasive gastrointestinal health panels available.  Stool and saliva samples are collected at home for the testing 22 different but related tests.  Sample evaluation takes approximately 2 weeks during which time you will be contacted to schedule your 25-minute consultation with a Clinical Nutritionist to go over your results. 

Inherent Health Genetic Test   $174.00 

The 'Nutritional Needs' panel identifies variations in your genes crucial to your B-vitamin metabolism and the ability to manage oxidative stress.  Individuals that show suboptimal results for the genes can be at increased risk for ineffective utilization of B-vitamins and potential for cell damage caused by oxidative stress, both of which can in some cases lead to increased risk for certain diseases and cancers.  B-vitamin inefficiencies are also one of the leading factors contributing to neurotransmitter imbalances.  Separate genetic tests by Inherent Health are also available for evaluating heart health and weight management. 

HS-Omega-3 Index Test    $125.00

Omega-3's, such as eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), offer both broad and targeted support for a number of bodily functions.  But how can you tell if you are getting enough EPA/DHA?  Or adequately absorbing it?  The HS-Omega-3 Index test makes it easy to establish a baseline and monitor omega-3 status.  Omega-3 status is crucial for proper neurotransmitter communication. 

Heavy Metal Testing (Urine)     $220.00

Heavy metals toxicity caused by increasing levels of pollution and use of chemicals in industry is a growing threat to our health and development of our children.  High levels of toxic metals deposited in body tissues and subsequently in the brain, may cause significant developmental and neurological damage.  Urine testing for heavy metals after administration of a chelating (metal removing) agent is used to evaluate the accumulation of toxic metals in body tissues. 

Mucosal Immunity & Food Intolerances    $ 120.00

The Diagnos-Techs saliva test for Anti-milk, anti-soy, anti-egg and anti-gliadin antibody (SIgA) with Total SigA is now available separate from the GI II panel.  This test is part of the GI II panel so it does not need to be completed separately, however it is a nice quick saliva test that allows us to look at food sensitivities without blood.  The test consists of one saliva collection (via a cotton roll placed under the tongue until saturated) 60 minutes before any one meal. Shipping to the lab is included in the price.


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